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What Is Motivational Apparel? Let Us Explain

Have you ever gone through a tough time and wondered “why me?”, “where did I go wrong?”, “what lead me to this point?”, “I dun goofed up.” We all go through tough times and getting through it is never easy, especially, when no one is there to support you. That’s not true though, there is always someone there to support you and that someone is yourself! You are always there for yourself at the end of the day. The mind works in a mysterious ways.  What you think is what you believe which is a blessing and a curse. One thing that always gets me through a tough time is to always look at the positive. Believe it or not, there is a positive in every situation. When all else fails there is always one you can go to. The fact that you are alive is always a positive, because we live in a wonderful world and you need to take advantage of it everyday.

What Drives Us? It's Simple - Really.

Here at Motive we believe in high quality products that change the world to help people be more positive about their lives. The name Motive came around because we want to MOTIVate others to be the best! Our Motive is to change the world one person at a time and show them that they are worth more. We create motivational clothing to remind you why you get up everyday. Not only will you feel good purchasing our clothing but you will also help donate to charity when purchasing one of our “Charity Pick” shirts! Clothing and happiness is our passion and together we can share this with friends and family one shirt at a time. It’s not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. #WHATS YOUR MOTIVE?

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